with the license to cause surprise

Now we offer another special eye-catcher in the form of 3D-Mailings. 

The three-dimensional packaging is the perfect alternative to regular envelopes. These envelopes are ideal for protecting and professionally presenting through uniquely shaped and designed packaging, items such as test samples, promotional gifts or USB sticks with product information regarding advertising mails.

They do not only support the advertising message but also attract special attention and interest of the recipient. Unpacking, looking, feeling, hearing, smelling and playing - 3D-Mailings offer something to tickle the senses of the recipient!

As we are planning and producing the 3D Mailings according to customers’ wishes you can choose from unlimited opportunities. You can choose various sizes, windows, materials, foil stampings, special sealing, UV coating, perforations, glossy foil lamination etc. - the sky’s the limit for your ideas! 

The higher the quality and the more imaginative your 3D Mailing and its content is, the more memorable the mailing is and the more appreciated the recipient feels - small gifts keep friendship going and keeps your mailing or product at the forefront of the recipients mind.

We are able to produce small quantities as well as high volumes and we can handle all tasks for you from the developing your idea to the realisation.