The bodyguard for your mailing

Securitex® envelopes do not only offer excellent protection of your important documents. Due to high stability and the use of bright white paper, Securitex® pockets show their recipients the importance of the content and open up additional opportunities.

Document dispatch:
From the dispatch of important documents to the archiving of large-volume materials - you can offer your customer protection of data privacy and security in a single brand promoting envelope.

Securitex® pockets don’t leave anything to chance. From water impermeability and tear strength up to data security, all important characteristics are combined in one product.

Pack your goods and services in an optimal and sales-promotional envelope. Securitex® is as innovative and successful as your own business.

Advertising medium + news:
Combine the medium with a message - put your CD or DVD in an envelope that reflects the quality of the inside mailing.


  • Tear-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Opaque
  • Very good printability