CO2-neutral super white envelopes

Nautilus® envelopes are produced from 100 % recycled paper "Nautilus® SuperWhite CO2 neutral" by Mondi, the leading paper and packaging manufacturer.

Office supplies and paper merchants are distributing Nautilus® envelopes to complement Nautilus® paper. 

All Nautilus® papers are certified with the EU eco-label - clear evidence that their production is more environmentally-friendly than the production of other papers. In addition Nautilus® SuperWhite paper bears the "FSC®Recycled" label which guarantees the use of 100% "post-consumer waste" and "pre-consumer waste" without virgin fibre content.

The matching envelopes produced by Mayer-Kuvert-network, for which the envelope manufacturer neutralizes the CO2 emission, can be purchased by environmentally aware consumers who want to buy a 100% recycled paper on CO2-neutral basis. Emissions which inevitably result from the production will be neutralized so that the consumer will have a share in the improvement of the CO2 footprint without compromising in quality at the same time.