MAILkreativ Creative Envelopes

Do you want to have an eye-catcher for your mailing?

We can offer the right creative support for you: MAILkreativ envelopes with bespoke contour effect and exceptional shape are clearly visible against the pile of standardized rectangular envelopes and therefore attract a higher return rate.

A study from the Siegfried Vögele institute says:

97 % of the respondents estimate the creative envelopes as eye-catching, interesting and creative. 

83 % would like to open the envelope to see the content out of curiosity.

Shape and colour of the response winning envelope can be designed freely. You only have to follow the requirement that the outline cut must not exceed two sides because otherwise the certified machine-readability of the German Post will not be given. 

We offer standardised MAILkreativ envelopes as well as custom-made products, three-cornered or round, with several windows, scented print or integrated gimmicks - there are no limits for creativity.