K-Pack Paper Padded Bags

The white K-Pack paper padded bags are produced from 100 % recycled paper. That is why they are easily recyclable, bio-degradable and therefore easy to compost.

They consist of three layers of paper giving them a high stability.

140 g/m² recycled paper white, moiré

140 g/m² recycled paper, grey, corrugated folding for the padding

80 g/m² smooth recycled paper providing for easy filling

K-Pack paper padded bags are suited for customized 2-colour printings.


  • Peel'n'seal adhesion with strip-seal
  • Large size for use
  • 50mm gusset
  • Beveled edges to prevent the pockets from getting stuck and tearing off
  • Sealed end-to-end at the bottom which avoids the need for a folded seam