There are more than 20 standard sizes of machine insertable envelopes to choose from - in offset, recycled and FSC paper grades.

All Kuvermatic® wallets are available with 4-colour litho or flexo print technology.

In addition to Kuvermatic®, we offer other machine insertable products and an extensive range of gusset envelopes, packaging envelopes and envelopes for shipping documents. Our entire range of inserting machine envelopes is completely compatible with inserting machine manufacturers’ specifications.

Throughout Europe customers trust Kuvermatic® and recognize it as the standard for machine insertable envelopes.

The Kuvermatic® programme has been developed with leading manufacturers of inserting machines. The specific Kuvermatic® style as well as the high manufacturing quality of the products ensures high operational performance throughout the inserting process. 

Innovative development of internal control systems in the production department means that all Kuvermatic® products surpass inserting machine manufacturers’ requirements, reducing stoppages and downtime. As a result from continuous improvement of quality control systems and regular tests, Kuvermatic® is recommended by the leading inserting machine manufacturers.