FSC® Envelopes

Envelopes made from FSC®-certified paper

FSC®-certified envelopes are made from paper that comes from ecologically cultivated forests and resources with a responsible position. 

The EU Parliament considers the FSC®-certification system as suited for giving the customer security regarding ideal forest cultivation.

The wood for the FSC®-paper only passes through stations which are each certified for their standard, from the forest enterprise to the ready-made and labelled end product. 

For the production we also use FSC®-certified recycled paper as well as "ordinary" FSC®-paper. Compared to the "ordinary" recycled paper, it mainly consists of "post-consumer waste" and not of the usual virgin fibre content.  The FSC® certified recycled envelopes by Mayer-Kuvert-network do not only meet the standards of FSC® but also the criteria for "The Blue Angel". For this reason they are referenced with the most important and most well-known eco-label in Germany.