The CO2-neutral Eco-envelope with the “Blue Angel”

As the pioneer of the industry, Mayer-Kuvert-network launched the world’s first CO2-neutral envelope called Envirelope® in 2009 and with it set a new standard concerning environmental protection. 

The Envirelope® combines all aspects of environmental protection without distinguishing aesthetically and from a quality perspective from envelopes made from virgin fibre paper. It is produced CO2-neutrally with Green Energy®.

Due to its CO2-neutral, bright white recycled paper it has been awarded with the "Blue Angel" by the RAL gGmbH  - the oldest and most well-known eco-label in Germany and therefore the Envirelope® establishes for the first time, a connection between the Blue Angel and a completely CO2-free production earning Envirelope® a special unique selling point in the range of eco-friendly business envelopes. 

You can get Envirelope® envelopes in standard sizes 110x220, C6/5 inserting wallet, C5 and C4 with or without window. We would be glad to produce your Envirelope® envelopes in other sizes and designs. 


CO2 neutral production - what does it mean?

Since January 2009, the Mayer-Kuvert-network group has been certified by the consulting firm ClimatePartner for the production of CO2-neutral envelopes. The CO2 discharges during production, which have been considerably reduced by taking various measures, will now be further compensated by offsetting emissions through high-quality ecological emission reduction certificates. Through these certificates Mayer-Kuvert-network helps to finance a reforestation project in the Indian province Pendravan where 282 hectares of degraded earth will be reforested with 200.000 trees. These projects in themselves contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions into the earth’s atmosphere in the future. This is a very effective procedure which is accepted worldwide.



  • CO2 neutrally produced
  • CO2 neutral Impact paper
  • "Blue Angel" certified
  • Produced with Green Energy®
  • Completely de-inkable opaque
  • Window film made from renewable resources
  • High whiteness (101 ISO)
  • Completely machine insertable
  • Excellent printability