Certified data security

DATASAFE® consists of water-resistant composite material in an elegant metallic "safe grey" which guards against 99.9 % of the radio and electro-magnetic waves. 

While the RFID-Chip on the new identity card allows access to sensitive data, the DATASAFE® protective pocket stops unwanted scanning or corruption of electronic data contained in the contents. 

In addition the pocket can be used as a promotional giveaway and whilst being an attractive medium for your sales or marketing message. Due to the excellent printability it offers the opportunity to be an "ever-present resident" in your customer’s purse or wallet.

DATASAFE® is perfect for:

  • New identity cards
  • Credit cards
  • Cash cards
  • Health insurance cards


  • Maximum prevention from third party access
  • Shields safely against RFID and NFC waves
  • Water-resistant
  • Made of elegant metallic “safe grey”
  • Excellent printability
  • Attractive advertising medium for sales messages
  • Highly suitable for giveaway