Mayer-Kuvert-network publishes environmental report

Mayer-Kuvert-network is the first envelope manufacturer in Europe that publishes its own environmental report.

In this report the European market leader highlights the environmental audit of the German production sites in 2012 and describes the numerous measures taken in order to leave an ecological footprint which is as small as possible. The 40 page environmental report also includes a detailed description of the environmental policy of the group that aligns with the slogan "First reduce, then neutralize". 

By the publication of the environmental report Mayer-Kuvert-network emphasizes their ecological strategy. "We bear responsibility that our children and children’s children have a green future!" - This message on the reverse side of the environmental report shows the reasons why the Managing Director Edlef Bartl encourages environmentally friendly practices in his companies.

"We also want to set an example for the legislative authority because we, as a midsize company, take seriously our responsibility towards the environment. We would be glad if politicians pushed the subject of sustainability and environmental protection more and more so that it remains not only the personal initiative of a single company", says Bartl. 

Download of the environmental report 2012 (in German language)