Experienced management team well prepared

With the unexpected death of Edlef Bartl an era has come to an end at Mayer-Kuvert-network in early February. Within 30 years, and starting from a single and almost insolvent company,  the managing director and shareholder has built up a group with 50 companies in 23 countries.

Although the entrepreneur Edlef Bartl has led the fortunes of the European market leader until the end mostly by himself, he had already made arrangements for his succession. That this would come to fruition so quickly could not be suspected when he installed an eight-person management team in 2013 with Thomas Schwarz (43) as the second director.

"Edlef Bartl cannot be replaced by one person" says Thomas Schwarz, who is now the sole CEO of Mayer-Kuvert-network. "That's why we take up his great heritage with the management team and work towards closing the huge gap that he leaves behind together in the near future. "I am leading this team indeed as CEO, however, important decisions are made as a team".

An essential part of the management team is Francine Mura , who has acted as Edlef Bartl’s "right hand" in the function of the group’s commercial director for many years and who knows the financial situation of all individual companies in the group better than anyone else.

Ingrid Bartl, executive and head of a merchandising, has accompanied the development of the Ernst Mayer envelope factory to the Mayer-Kuvert-network first hand and represents together with Stefanie Schwarz (executive) the Bartl family and thus the shareholder side within the management team.

Udo Karpowitz, having had a leading role with an envelope manufacturer for years, and having worked at Mayer-Kuvert-network as vice president of sales for several years, is another very experienced man on the team.

The team is completed by another three experienced colleagues: Martin Pagenkopf as Head of Purchasing and Logistics, Thomas Schmidt as technical director and Martin Blümle as head of technical development, who have been an integral part of the management for several years.

"We will continue Edlef Bartl’s life's work in his sense and follow the path started together with him with a healthy balance between innovation and consolidation ," said Thomas Schwarz.