With the scent of green grass to new customers

Despite the omnipresence of the internet, advertising letters sent by post are still one of the most effective forms of advertising. However, emails are often sent instead. Now Mayer-Kuvert-network, the largest European manufacturer of envelopes, aims to counteract this development. The company is launching a new scented envelope, which targets the mood and the subconscious mind by utilising a time-delay operating principal. Something the internet cannot compete with! 

In the era of growing e-commerce and internet businesses, advertising letters are still very effective. How effective they are is clearly reflected by the fact that the largest key players in the online market, for example Google, Apple, Microsoft or social networks, regularly send letters by post in order to acquire new customers. 

The Heilbronn-based German envelope manufacturer Mayer-Kuvert-network has for the first time transferred the technology of scent diffusers to letters. With the help of different scents, diffusers are mainly used in retail to put consumers into a subconscious state which enhances their willingness to buy. Scent diffusers create a pleasant smell that induces the customer to stay in a shop and helps to distinguish products and services. Since this technology cannot be produced by the internet (yet), our products have a great advantage in effectiveness that can influence purchasing decisions.

Mayer-Kuvert-network has continued to develop and refine the operating principal behind this technology. Therefore, the technology completely differs from the previously-known uses of scented papers. 

Together with the renowned, Goettingen-based perfume scientist, Dr. Patrick Hehn, a database system has been developed with the help of algorithms to assign different scents to certain mental associations, product areas and target groups. This way, scents can be deployed more specifically and effectively than before. The customer acceptance of the advertising message or the offer is positively supported. 

For example, a travel agent creates interest for journeys to the Mediterranean Sea with the scent of a specific sun cream. The smell of fresh grass can support the decision to buy a certain smart phone or tablet. And the scent of raspberries whets the appetite for the new winter fashion collection.

The new scent system works on two levels: when a recipient opens a letter, small micro capsules are broken and the scent is released. This is perceivable for a short moment and arouses the recipient's interest. At the same time, individual scent molecules are transferred onto the envelope's content.

Due to this transmission an additional time-delay effect takes place. Even after the envelope has been discarded and the scent is hardly noticeable anymore on the envelope's content, the effect still reaches the subconscious mind. 

Modern-day olfactory research discovered that the limbic system in the brain is stimulated more by these "subtle" fragrances than by intensive scents which are sometimes described as off-odors. A recent example from a media report about a young-fashion company describes how strong scents can have the opposite effect to the one the company desired.

The choice of scents as well as the intensity of the application is individually tailored to the advertising message and to the design of the mailing. Specialists are talking about olfactory, visual and haptic cumulation.

The new system was launched under the brand name "proSCENT" at the end of June at the direct marketing exhibition CO-Reach in Nuremberg.

Companies that aim to use proSCENT to acquire new customers can have their specific combination of scents and application intensity calculated by the computer after answering a certain set of questions about the target group and the objectives of their mailing. They will receive three scents and the appropriate intensity of the scent application that will best support the mailing. It is possible to compare the effectiveness of the three scents against each other and against no scent at all. This way you may personally determine which scent is most likely to achieve the best rate of return. 

The system is even able to calculate guide values for the increase of response and yield for each particular mailing campaign.

To be able to avoid possible allergic reactions of recipients, Mayer-Kuvert-network only uses tested and licensed scents without alcohol or glycol from well-known European suppliers. Mayer-Kuvert-network consciously avoids using cheap products from Asia.